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Utility business uses Access PaySuite to scale quickly and meet ambitious growth plans

Direct Debit Logicor

"The implementation was very smooth and Access Paysuite has been very helpful with later refinements. It even automatically alerts us if there is a problem with the setup with no human involvement."

Bijay Thapa, Operations Director Bijay Thapa, Logicor Energy

Logicor Energy has a simple mission: to provide consumers with access to sustainable electricity but at a great price and when Operations Director Bijay Thapa joined the business he knew he needed superb back-office systems to really deliver the right customer experience. Formed in 2018 the business has scaled quickly with a rapid increase in customers and whilst this is welcome, it also brings new challenges. As an early days start-up, Logicor Energy needed a system to allow it to take regular payments from its customers. Naturally, it had to be cost-effective but more importantly, the company needed it to be in place quickly. The team at Logicor Energy were managing Direct Debit setups manually, and the work required to move data across multiple systems took significant time and resource, whilst also taking the team away from the vital tasks needed to grow a fast-moving startup. “Our previous system had no API so everything needed manual processing. We had to take data from our website and then manually type it into our payment processor.

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