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How Garage Hive's partnership with Access PaySuite has revolutionised its payment processing strategy

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"We’ve used the ‘Pay by Garage Link’ every day across all our locations. We use it more than once a day per garage on average so it’s part of our day-to-day processes. We’ve seen reduced bottlenecks in our busy garages as customers wait around to pay along with less admin for the garage applying these payments back into the accounts later. Time spent on reduced admin allows more time for front of house staff to check customers are happy and build the relationships that keep them coming back."

Alex Lindley, Director of Lindleys Autocentres

Community-driven garage management software Garage Hive has partnered with payment provider Access PaySuite to offer current UK customers a flexible option for payment processing. 

Access PaySuite is a secure payment platform that specialises in seamlessly integrating within apps and third-party systems. 

Garage Hive will be using Access PaySuite as a cost-effective solution to power the ‘Pay by Garage Link’ feature within the management system. 

‘Pay by Garage Link’ enables payment requests to be sent as individual URLs generated for each specific transaction. This means customers then receive them instantly by SMS text or email so they can click, open and securely pay online. 

Garage Hive says frictionless payment processing is integral to the efficient operations of many within its garage community. 

The Access PaySuite integration gives customers the flexibility of a pay-as-you-go provider while maintaining competitive rates. There’s no commitment, subscription, setup or hidden fees, along with next-day settlement on funds. Garages simply pay transaction plus percentage fees to Access PaySuite on each payment processed. 

Offer customers a Payments Platform with Access PaySuite’s Embedded Payments Solution

By integrating with Access PaySuite’s Embedded Payments for Platforms solution, you’ll be able to offer your customers a multi-channel payment platform, where they can start taking payments in minutes. Find out more about how to simplify the payment process for both your business and customers.