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Embedded payments for software platforms

Our embedded payment processing solution offers a licensed and regulated Payment Facilitator platform. With Access PaySuite, you have full control over the end-to-end payments value chain, empowering you to seamlessly integrate payment processing capabilities into your software platform.

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Trusted by hundreds of businesses

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Grow your revenue from every transaction

Earn revenue from each transaction that's made through your platform. Set your own fee levels, choose from flexible split and settlement options, depending on your business model.

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Branded payments journey

Our embedded payments solution offers a comprehensive product that allows you to seamlessly integrate our APIs into your platform. This enables you to create a customised online experience that aligns with your brand identity. By leveraging our solution, you can deliver a smooth and hassle-free payment journey for your customers, whether they are using your website or mobile app.

Streamline your payments process and maximise cash flow

Our embedded payments solution offers a powerful product that streamlines your administrative tasks by automating the process of splitting funds between your platform, multiple bank accounts, and your sellers. With our solution, you can ensure that your customers are paid promptly, maximizing their cash flow. Say goodbye to the hassle of paying invoices or setting up direct debits for payouts. Our solution takes care of these tasks, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Embedded Payments

Why choose Access PaySuite?

Access PaySuite's embedded payment solution seamlessly integrates with your apps and third-party systems, providing a convenient payment experience. Enjoy the flexibility of pay-as-you-go with competitive rates. No commitments, subscriptions, setup fees, or hidden charges. Just pay transaction and percentage fees. Get next-day settlement for faster access to funds. Choose Access PaySuite for a streamlined, cost-effective payment solution.

Pay by link

Set up and receive payments over the phone or via email, without the need for a website. Simply create a payment request link and monitor the payment process from start to finish. You can even integrate the whole experience within your own platform.

Credit Card Payment
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Although it’s still early days, we’re adding new suppliers every week, making it simpler and easier to offer end customers a secure payment when placing orders, as well as suppliers now benefiting from being able to simply “Click” to 3D Secure PayLinks to customers. We’ve seen an increase in conversions via the site and hope once we have signed up the majority of our network of suppliers, to see a significant new revenue stream from their global sales.

Nick Elia, Managing Director, 1st Choice Spares UK Ltd
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Insights to scale your business

Our robust reporting suite and advanced analytics provide a transparent view of settlements including pay by link payments.

Accept a wide range of payments

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay 2
  • Open Banking
Master New Payment Solutions: Key Elements and Steps Guide

Flexible commercial terms and competitive pricing

No matter the size or shape of your business, our flexible commercial terms and custom pricing mean it’s easy to control costs and earn more revenue from your platform. We can tailor features, functionality and processes to meet the challenges that you face.

Find out more about embedded payments

Every payment made easy

As the experts, we’re on hand to help you manage your payments across our range of hassle-free solutions.

Access PaySuite Embedded Payments FAQs

What is embedded payments for platforms?

Embedded payments for platforms refer to the integration of payment processing capabilities directly within a platform or application. This integration eliminates the need for users to be redirected to external payment providers, making payments an integrated part of the platform's functionality.

By adopting embedded payments, platform users can rely on the platform itself for their payment processing needs, simplifying operations and reducing complexity. This streamlined approach enhances the user experience, improving efficiency and reducing opportunities for errors.

Who is our embedded payments for platforms suitable for?

Our embedded payments for platforms software is aimed at independent software providers (ISVs), software providers, platforms and marketplaces owners. You integrate with the platform and can offer a payment channel to your customers. Whether you are new to payments or already working with an alternative payment provider, we can help you to get the most out of payments. We serve a range of market verticals, including education, the public sector, housing, banking, insurance, retail and more.

Alternatively, if you are an end-merchant that wants to take payments in your business, our team can discuss different options available to you.

Call our team on 01332 477 853 to learn more.

Which payment methods are available through our embedded payments for platforms?

You can take payments by Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Open Banking. 

What is a payment facilitator or PayFac?

A payment facilitator, sometimes known as a PayFac or PF, is an alternative to the traditional merchant service provider. A PayFac simplifies the merchant account enrolment process. It operates on a sub-merchant platform where merchants no longer require their own merchant ID (MID) but are boarded directly under the PayFac’s master MID account. Our embedded payments for platforms software is a PayFac platform.

What does a PayFac do?

The PayFac opens a merchant bank account and receives a MID to acquire and aggregate payments for groups of smaller merchants, typically called sub-merchants. The PayFac registers its master MID with an acquiring bank. This means that sub-merchants don’t need to register their unique MIDs —instead, transactions are aggregated under the PayFac’s master MID.

This reduces the complexity and long time frames that sub-merchants traditionally face when setting up online payments on their own, by eliminating their need to establish and maintain relationships with an acquiring bank, payment gateway and other service providers.

What are PayFacs responsible for?
  1. Onboarding customers to be able to take payments
  2. Ensuring that appropriate due diligence checks are undertaken on all new customers including KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti money laundering) checks
  3. Monitoring customer accounts to mitigate risk.