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Insurance business delivers enhanced customer service whilst reducing overheads

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"When it comes to the payments team, they can instantly settle the payment on the call with the customer and there’s no backlog for them to deal with the next day. The customer benefits from the in-call resolution which means better customer satisfaction."

Kesh Thukaram, Director, Best Insurance

For Best Insurance, customer satisfaction is paramount, so when they realised that their payment processing system wasn’t giving them ‘in-call resolutions’ they decided to look for a better way. What they needed was a seamless process that allowed their call centre and people accessing their products through the website to action payments with a minimum of fuss. As Best Insurance bought new businesses into the fold, they also needed a way of importing customers so that their Direct Debits didn’t lapse, allowing the company to retain as many customers as possible. When Director Kesh Thukaram looked at the end-to-end process, he also realised that the finance and operations team were spending hours processing and reconciling payments manually, a situation that simply couldn’t continue.

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