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Paid with reliability

Push past the limits of legacy systems with a solution that speeds up reconciliation, improves customer loyalty, and reduces payment issues to help you differentiate your offering. It’s time to streamline the way you’re paid and gain the freedom to accelerate growth.

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Accelerate past competitors

Strip away hidden inefficiencies and stop chasing missed payments while staying competitive with an insurance payments solution that makes collecting premiums frictionless.

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Transform the customer journey

Optimise claims processes and reduce the cost of payment management for reconciliations and payouts to enhance customer service and loyalty.

“Access Paysuite has helped us develop a more reliable and slicker process for our payment collections which has supported our growth, without increasing workload and resource requirements internally to manage. We have plans to enhance the process with them further, taking advantage of the technical solutions available to integrate with our internal system and gain further efficiencies in the coming months.”

James Wapples, Think Insurance

Access PaySuite for insurance businesses

Seamless customer experience

Give your customers with a seamless payments experience by providing a transparent payments service for both collections and premiums. 

Move beyond legacy systems

Work with us as a payments technology partner than can provide streamlined, integrated payments to improve your operational efficiency. 

Stand apart from your competitors

Improve your payments experience and create a point of difference through fast, accurate and timely payment collections and claims.  

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Impact of COVID-19 on insurance sector payments

With announced losses in the sector already over $25bn globally, make sure you’re adapting your business in today's challenges.

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Commercially focused on tech and data, Access PaySuite are experts in their field, and our partnership with them is helping to drive our model. In fact, it’s key to keeping our business efficient; plus I know and trust that they’ll stay ahead of changes in banking down the track.

Every payment made easy

As the experts, we’re on hand to help you manage your payments across our range of hassle-free solutions.

Ready to start getting paid?

Give your organisation the stability and freedom it needs to drive higher levels of growth by seamlessly automating your payment processes.