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Card Payment Machine | Chip and PIN Terminal

Face-to-face payments

Transform your customer payment experience with our wide range of in person or face-to-face payment solutions. Enjoy the flexibility to accept in-person payments at your convenience, ensuring smooth transactions and compliance with industry standards.

Face To Face Payments Card Payment Machine

All Major Credit and Debit Cards Supported

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  • Apple Pay

Accept contactless payments with our cutting-edge technology

Introducing our cutting-edge card payment solutions that supports the latest in contactless technology. Our Chip and PIN terminals are designed to provide quick, easy, and secure contactless payments, whether at your customer's home, business premises, or at the point of sale.   

With the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing tills and work on countertops, our terminals are engineered to speed up transactions while delivering a seamless and convenient customer experience.  

Access Paysuite Smartmobile

Payments on the move: Access PaySuite’s SmartMobile app

Access Paysuite’s SmartMobile app, available in two options – with printer or phone-sized without printer, allows staff to accept card payments from anywhere, ideal for doorstep collection, events and queue-busting. Receipts can be emailed or printed using the inbuilt printer 

With the ability to handle card payments by Chip & PIN or contactless (including Apple Pay and Google Pay), as well as by cash or cheque, the app provides an all-in-one solution for accepting card payments. The re-launched Smart Mobile app comes with a new generation of devices, eliminating the need for pairing of phones or separate card readers or printers

Our card terminals offer enhanced connectivity and flexibility

Our card terminals offer the flexibility to work via WiFi or 4G connection, ensuring constant connectivity without the need for a telephone or ISDN line. Additionally, our cloud-based internet-enabled systems are faster than traditional dial-up services, freeing up the phone line and offering comprehensive coverage through a SIM card for roaming internet connection. This provides a comprehensive and flexible payment management system tailored to suit different preferences and needs. 

Face To Face Payments Chip And PIN Devices
Income Management Software

Enhance financial tracking with our income management software

Our face-to-face payment solutions seamlessly integrate with our income management software, offering a straightforward upgrade path to meet evolving PCI DSS requirements.

The software can be implemented independently or alongside existing systems, providing access to all described functionality and introducing a unified interface. Leveraging the latest integration technologies, the solution interfaces with the back-office database, enabling real-time posting of transactional information throughout the day. This empowers administrators and supervisors to access up-to-the-minute income data, with standard functionality including balance query and update, ledger lookup, and centralized validation of account information.

Simplifying in-person payment processing:

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    Enhanced customer experience:

    Give your customers the flexibility and convenience they crave, leading to higher satisfaction and repeat business.

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    Secure transactions:

    Our card payment machines embrace P2PE technology to safeguard card details to the highest industry standards, providing peace of mind for both you and your customers. Additionally, being hosted in a PCI DSS data center removes PCI implications and supports the latest card security measures.

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    Increased efficiency:

    Streamline your operations, reduce wait times, and empower your staff to focus on delivering exceptional service.

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    Versatile solutions:

    Whether you're a small business, large enterprise or an organisation within the public sector, our in-person payment options are tailored to meet your unique requirements and are easy and intuitive for your staff members to use.

Explore our full range of card payment machines:

  • Countertop or wireless
  • On-the-move
  • Integrated terminals
  • Kiosk

Countertop or wireless

Our over-the-counter payment solutions empower your staff to directly assist customers in completing transactions, fostering trust and loyalty through a smooth and personalised experience. Whether you require a single card terminal or a fully integrated ePOS setup, our solutions can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems or operate standalone.

  • Features contactless technology 
  • Accept Apple Pay, Android Pay 
  • Can be used with regular phone line or broadband connection 
  • Can be used with existing POS systems 
  • Print off customer receipts 


Take your business to your customers or citizens with our SmartMobile payment solutions. Our portable card terminals give you the freedom to accept payments anytime, anywhere and with secure, wireless connectivity, you can confidently serve your customers on the go. 

  • Automatically pick the network with the strongest signal 
  • No need for additional mobile phone or data charges 
  • Integrated printer for producing receipts 
  • Features contactless technology 
  • Accept Apple Pay, Android Pay 

Integrated terminals

Streamline your operations with our integrated terminal solutions, designed to seamlessly sync with your existing systems. Enjoy the ease of managing transactions and accessing real-time data, all while providing a professional and efficient payment experience for your customers. Our integrated payment terminals also free you from wiring constraints, allowing you to process and refund payments directly at your point of sale (POS) or the terminal.

  • Accept card payments in-store 
  • Can be used with regular phone line or broadband connection 
  • Can be used with existing POS systems 
  • Accept Apple Pay, Android Pay and Pingit payments 
  • Features contactless technology 


Embrace the power of self-service with our kiosk payment solutions. Empowering your customers to make quick, hassle-free transactions at their own pace, our kiosk payment solutions provide unmatched convenience for both your business and your customers, spanning from ticket purchases and bill payments to food orders.

  • Accept self-service card & cash payments 
  • Seamless integration 
  • Streamlined customer experience 
  • Analyse payments by your KPIs 
  • Integrate with existing systems 

Protect against fraud

All our card machines are approved by the Payment Card Industry PIN Transaction Security standard (PCI PTS) and the software used is validated to the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS). 

Customer success story: What our clients have to say

Middlesex University Testimonial

Thanks to Access PaySuite's payment solutions, Middlesex University has been able to streamline our payment processes, saving valuable time and money.

Our students now have access to secure and convenient payment channels, freeing up our staff to better serve their needs. With Access PaySuite's Touch Tone solution, we've minimized the risks associated with insecure payment methods, including face-to-face payments. In just 10 months, we successfully processed over 800 payments totaling £1.6 million, marking a significant improvement in our financial operations

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Making a difference to you and your customers

No matter the size of your organisation, our range of card payment machines, Chip and PIN terminals and kiosks has something to suit everyone. 

Every payment made easy

As the experts, we’re on hand to help you manage your payments across our range of hassle-free solutions.