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Housing payment processing software solutions

Access PaySuite offers a complete payments ecosystem that helps housing associations and tenants to get on with life. We enable simple and accessible payment methods for your tenants, helping to ensure long-term support and satisfaction. 

How embracing digital payments can future-proof housing associations

Transform your housing payment experiences

  • ✓ Convenience for tenants

    Ensure a flexible approach and empower tenants to choose their preferred payment method

  • ✓ Improved financial visibility

    Reduce administration tasks and increases visibility of new tenants, rent payments, and arrears with our housing management software.

  • ✓ Increased efficiency

    Collect maintenance dues via various digital payment methods, leading to increased collections and reduced efforts for bookkeeping

Working with 60+ housing associations, we are experts in optimising payment collection rates and minimising arrears

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Our objective was to enhance our digital presence to ensure frictionless payment experiences for tenants. As a leading provider to social housing, Access PaySuite was seen as an obvious choice. Since implementing, we’ve made a cost reduction of around 30% against our previous supplier and will be investing in other payment options.

Chris Reed, Head of Digital Development, Abri

Access PaySuite was selected because of its technical compliance & the opportunity to deliver new and innovative solutions to the Social Housing sector. We have managed to achieve an increase in the conversion of tenants to a digital platform, reduction in arrears and additional cost savings through more efficient payment processes.

Rob Jeffreys, Head of Income, Karbon Homes

Simplify payments for you and your tenants

Transforming the payment process for housing associations, our modular payments ecosystem is custom-built to streamline and simplify payment procedures. Our secure and user-friendly payment services seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.

Empowering tenants to choose their preferred payment method, whether it's online, over the phone, in person, or at the Post Office, ensures a comprehensive and flexible approach to payment solutions.

Access PaySuite is a proud supplier of Procurement for Housing

This partnership supports PfH's Electronic Payment Services framework, which is dedicated to providing innovative payment solutions that seamlessly adapt to the ever-evolving housing market.

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PCI Compliant status across all our payment channels

  • PCI Certified Compliant Secure Payment Solutions
  • PCI DSS Secure Payments Certified
  • PCI Secure Payments Certified Level 1 Service Provider

Online payments

Providing tenants with the option to make online payments through your website or a dedicated online portal allows them to pay rent sooner, schedule automatic payments each month, and eliminate delays associated with traditional payment methods.

Online Payments

Direct Debit payments

Our Direct Debit solution provides numerous benefits for housing associations and tenants. This method offers convenience for both parties, streamlines the rent collection process, reduces administrative burdens, and improves payment collection rates while automating rent payments.

Direct Debit

Phone payments

Facilitate secure and compliant card payments over the phone for your tenants using our payment technology. Our call center phone payment solutions are tailored to suit businesses of any size, providing options for staff-assisted, semi-automated, and fully automated IVR systems.

Phone Payments

Open Banking

Our Open Banking solution facilitates secure and direct transfers without the necessity of sharing sensitive bank account information. Your organisation provides a secure link, allowing customers to easily make payments, with the funds being instantly transferred to your organisation's bank account, ensuring real-time payments and improving the financial process.

Open Banking Payments

Face-to-face payments

Our face-to-face payment options support tenants who favor in-person rent payments. These options enable you to accept payments in person or allow your tenants to pay bills at Post Office, PayPoint and Payzone outlets. Our Smart Mobile offering also allows your staff to take card payments on-the-go, handling card payments by Chip & PIN or Contactless (including Apple Pay and Google Pay), as well as receipting payments made by cash or cheque.

Face to Face Payments

Income management

Our payments and income management software solution ensures greater income certainty for your organisation. From payment collection and reconciliation to security compliance, our cloud-based system streamlines processes, bringing efficiency to your teams.

Income Management

Maximise payment collection rates and reduce arrears

Ready to get started with seamless payment solutions?  Book your demo today and transform your rent collection process.