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How to protect cashflow in your membership businesses

Our guide takes a deep dive into how membership organisations can maintain payment certainty.

Getting Payments Operations Right

Getting your payments operations right

Learn how integrating payments can bring better cashflow and cost efficiencies

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How to use Direct Debits to pivot your business model

One of the biggest issues for many business owners is the unpredictability of their income stream. Our guide outlines the benefits of a subscription model and how you can set it up for your business

Big Change

What does the post-pandemic payments landscape look like?

The changes that we’ve seen in payments over the past five years reflect what’s been happening in our society more widely. We’ve become more digital in our interactions with businesses and government, from purchases to applying for a driving licence to Making Tax Digital (MTD). There is now a plethora of payment options that we didn’t have five years ago and these options will continue be enhanced over the next 12 to 24 months. These include additional uses of Faster Payments and payments initiated through open banking applications, as well as the new Request to Pay service.

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Impact of COVID-19 on insurance sector payments

With announced losses in the sector already over $25bn globally, make sure you’re adapting your business in today's challenges.

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Are you ready for the future of payments?

Business and consumer payments are fundamentally changing. Accelerate your business growth in today’s payments landscape.

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Navigating times of crisis to protect regular giving

The impact of Covid-19 on fundraising activities and income has meant charities have had to adapt fast to keep money coming in. With regular giving such a critical income stream, Rapidata surveyed charities to find out how the pandemic has affected this area and what learnings can be shared to help protect it in future times of crisis. The full findings, alongside valuable sector insight, are available in our new report: Navigating Times of Crisis to Protect Regular Giving.

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Regular giving update and recommendations

The first wave of Covid-19 shocked and galvanised us. An unprecedented situation for all, amidst the challenges to fundraising, health, finances, and freedom of movement it presented, it also inspired incredible levels of community action and giving of all kinds. Now, as we head towards the year’s end, we are once again navigating unchartered ground. So what does this mean for regular giving? How then is it holding up? And what can charities do to protect it as the pandemic continues?

Guide To Receving Payments

Guide to receiving accurate and timely payments

Managing late payments is a continual headache, requiring time to chase customers causing you and your team to divert resource away from core business activities. Together with market uncertainty, especially during the last 8 months of the global pandemic, everyone wants to retain their funds for as long as they can, but equally get paid quicker. We’ve put together a short guide, outlining tips and advice on how to receive your payments accurately and on-time.


The rise of the subscription payments model

Explore the many benefits of a subscription-based payments model and other top tips for businesses considering this option

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How to successfully integrate payments and business software

There are numerous factors that could mean the difference between enjoying the benefits of integrated payments and feeling disappointed with another disjointed system. We have put together some ways that you can ensure you’re going to get the most out of your new integrated payments system and are choosing the right partner to provide it.

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6 reasons to integrate payments & business software

Payments are a core part of every business, regardless of size or sector. Beyond simply collecting and sending funds, an efficient payments system will transform almost every aspect of a company’s operations, by making use of insights gained from connecting data.

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Paid vs Delayed Direct Debit

The benefits of Direct Debits for steady cashflow

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Smart guide to switching

Switching to our service is painless! We can help you with this to ensure there’s no disruption to your payers, so get in touch today. You can also download our Smart Guide to switching to find out what’s involved.

9 Steps

9 steps to smoother direct debit processing

Payment processes can be complex regardless of the rails you utilise, and it's important that you optimise your processes to increase your potential success rate. That's why we created this handy guide, backed by over 20 years experience to make sure you're hitting the ground running and help you to achieve the highest possible payment success rate for your collections.