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Identity verification software and AML compliance for faster and more secure customer onboarding

ID verification and AML verification solutions are essential components for businesses accepting payments, as they not only prevent fraud and money laundering but also streamline customer onboarding processes and ensure regulatory compliance.

ID verification software and AML compliance

With over 11 million checks conducted in the past 18 months across various industries, our solution has streamlined operations, saved time, and reduced costs for countless businesses.

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Revolutionise your customer onboarding experience by minimising risk and upholding regulatory standards

Experience our cutting-edge ID verification software, offering a real-time global identity check service with live biometric capture. This ensures a smooth customer onboarding process, reduces transactional barriers, and deters fraudulent activities. Our automated system, driven by AI, meticulously examines identity document images, security features, and fraud indicators, providing you with rapid insights into your customers' identities.

Reduce fraud and prevent impersonation

Our platform offers comprehensive ID verification to help businesses verify the identities of their customers and prevent fraudulent activities. With our software, businesses can easily verify the authenticity of ID documents, such as passports or driver's licenses, and match them with facial biometrics to ensure the person presenting the document is the rightful owner.

ID identification and verification
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Comprehensive AML identity verification

Our platform offers comprehensive compliance solutions for businesses, including AML, KYC, GPG45, and EU Safe Harbour regulations. These solutions ensure regulatory standards are met and compliance requirements are fulfilled.

Identity verification software for enhanced security and compliance

A key feature of our platform is our identity verification software. This software enables businesses to verify the identities of their customers and clients, providing global coverage in over 200 countries. It enhances security and regulatory adherence.

AML and KYC compliance simplified

AML (Anti-Money Laundering) refers to rules and practices for preventing money laundering. Our platform facilitates comprehensive compliance with AML regulations, effectively preventing money laundering.

KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures assess customer risk and comply with AML laws. Our identity verification software plays a crucial role in the KYC process, allowing businesses to verify customer identities and meet KYC requirements.


Increase your conversion rates and optimise customer acquisition costs

Reduce the need for manual identity checks with digital verification and accelerate the customer onboarding journey. Choose the checks that work for your business, build custom workflows and rules to increase conversion.

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