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Direct Debit API

  • Eliminate manual admin, remove the need for reconciliation across multiple systems or uploading and downloading files. By integrating Direct Debit payments into your software ensures data flows into your business software, giving you a full overview of your financial performance.
  • Our REST based Direct Debit API provides you with a secure framework through which to integrate payments into your own billing system, CRM, website or database. The two -way API provides a wealth of functionality including adding and amending Direct Debits and receiving payment outcome information meaning that you know the status of your income in near real-time.

The key benefits of our Direct Debit API are:

  • Simple to integrate REST based API over a bank-grade HTTPs secure connection.
  • Instant information updates using real-time API calls delivering continuity of data between systems.
  • Ability to enquire on customer, Direct Debit and payment statuses instantly.
  • 14 different calls available covering a wealth of functionality.
  • "Light" API available for organisations that only need to add, edit and list current customers and payment schedules

A range of SDKs are also available to speed up integration. They are available on github.