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Direct Debit is widely recognised as the most common way to pay for recurring services in the UK with 9 in 10 adults holding at least one active Direct Debit. Payment processes can be complex regardless of the rails you utilise, and it's important that you optimise your processes to increase your potential success rate. That's why we created this handy guide, backed by over 20 years experience to make sure you're hitting the ground running and help you to achieve the highest possible payment success rate for your collections.

Want to make your Direct Debit collection process smoother?

In our handy 9 step guide, you will find out how to:

  • Enhance your Direct Debit collection process
  • Improve your payer communications
  • Simplify your sign up
  • Maximise your time with automation

and much more……

Ready to start getting paid?

Give your organisation the stability and freedom it needs to drive higher levels of growth by seamlessly automating your payment processes.