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Enhancing cybersecurity and PCI compliance at Renfrewshire Council

Housing Public sector

Renfrewshire Council was looking for a technology solution to facilitate seamless online services and maximise the potential for accepting card payments, all while simplifying payment processes for staff and citizens and maintaining the highest standards of PCI compliance. 

Securing PCI compliance stands as a top priority as they shift towards online platforms to better serve their citizens. This commitment demonstrates the council's unwavering dedication to protecting their citizen’s personal and card information and building confidence among them when making payments online. 

Implementing Access PaySuite’s public sector payment solutions has proactively allowed the council to address emerging challenges, optimise its digital capabilities, and fortify its commitment to delivering secure and efficient online payment services to citizens. 

“It really helps that the team at Access PaySuite understands our network and what we are trying to achieve.”

Carol Peters, Cybersecurity Architect at Renfrewshire Council

The partnership with Access PaySuite’s payment solutions has created a streamlined process for achieving PCI compliance and enhancing cybersecurity measures, significantly contributing to Renfrewshire Council's journey. This successful collaboration not only facilitated the implementation of new technologies but also ensured a positive impact on the council's digital services and the overall community experience. 

Discover Renfrewshire’s experience with Access PaySuite in the video below to learn more about their journey

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