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From outdated to outstanding: How an upgraded Income Management system transformed reporting capabilities and payment acceptance

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Three Rivers District Council and Watford Borough Council have been using Access PaySuite’s Income Management solution since October 2011. Recently, they decided to upgrade their payment management solutions, and transitioned from an on-site solution to Access PaySuite’s cloud-based system in February 2023. 

In addition, the councils also use the following Access PaySuite solutions to simplify payment processes, improve efficiency, and ensure accuracy and have successfully integrated several third-party systems into the platform: 

Sales process and support:  

The sales process went smoothly for the councils, and the post go-live support from Access PaySuite following the transition to SCloud, which is a cloud-based system developed by Access PaySuite, was commendable. Colin South, Finance Manager, said: 

“We encountered a significant reporting challenge after upgrading to the cloud platform, which was promptly assigned to Nathaniel, Senior Project Manager at Access PaySuite.  

“With remarkable efficiency, he grasped the issue, offered invaluable suggestions, and delivered outstanding scheduled reports and exports for both of our sites. Throughout the process, Nathan's communication has been exemplary, and his support has been invaluable.” 

The challenge:  

The councils were encountering difficulties regarding support and accessibility. The product in use was facing end of life dependencies. To tackle these challenges head-on, they decided to adopt SCloud.  

This strategic move resulted in notable enhancements in efficiency and decreased the councils' dependence on desktop installations. 

In the past, the support team encountered difficulties in assisting the councils due to the on-site location of the servers, making system access more complicated. However, the transition to SCloud effectively addressed this issue by providing a more accessible system. As a result, the support team was able to offer more efficient assistance to the councils. 

The implementation of SCloud not only resolved the support and accessibility challenges but also brought about enhanced operational efficiency and reduced dependencies on traditional desktop installations. 

The impact and results:  

As valued long-term customers, the councils initially approached the transition to SCloud with specific expectations. These were to move offsite to gain better support, replacing like for like, ensuring the removal of end-of-life dependencies, better reporting and to realise efficiencies offered. They have been pleasantly surprised by the product's performance, as it has not only met their needs but also provided tailored solutions.  

The introduction of the new reporting tool has proven to be a game-changer, showcasing significant enhancements compared to previous versions. The councils are pleased with the positive impact SCloud has had on their operations, which has successfully addressed the councils' requirements by providing solutions that fulfill import/export and reporting needs.  

Another key solution offered by Access PaySuite, is the managed direct debit system, which has facilitated the transition from end-of-life platforms to modern, hosted solutions. This system has proven to be effective in streamlining payment processes and has improved the efficiency of payment processes, leading to faster and more accurate collections for the councils. 

Another notable solution provided by Access PaySuite and used by the councils is CallSecure+ with PCIPal, which enables staff to work remotely while reducing security risks. This feature ensures that sensitive payment information is protected even when employees are working outside of the office and has increased flexibility for staff members, without compromising security. 

Looking ahead:  

Access PaySuite has consistently delivered effective solutions that successfully address the councils' requirements. This has led to notable improvements in payment processes, bolstered security measures, and increased flexibility for staff members. 

Due to positive overall experience and benefits experienced, the councils are now looking to the future. Over the next 12-24 months, they are considering the implementation of Access PaySuite’s Open Banking solution as a strategic approach to minimise merchant service charges. By exploring this avenue, the councils aim to further optimise their payment management practices and offer more flexibility for their citizens, while driving cost savings. 

I would highly recommend Access PaySuite and its solutions and platforms to other councils. Key features and benefits include the dual-site functionality of their cloud-based platform, reliable support, and the ability to tailor solutions to specific needs.” Our collaboration with Access PaySuite has resulted in successful payment management solutions, improved efficiency, and enhanced security. We are satisfied with the product and the support received from Access PaySuite, making it a recommended choice for other councils as well.

Colin South, Finance Manager at Three Rivers and Watford Council

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