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Go on, you’ve earned it

Access EarlyPay gives your people access to a percentage of their earned wages when they need it most. Putting them in control of their own finances, without having to rely on family handouts or high interest credit, whilst also encouraging shift uptake and increased employee retention.

Keep payroll simple

With Access EarlyPay, you can deliver on-demand pay without complicating your payroll processes. When an employee takes money out of their earned pay, EarlyPay does all the hard work; sending the money to the employee and automatically logging the withdrawal & fees in your payroll system. All you have to do is simply run payroll as you usually would and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Continued cash flow

When payday comes, your employees receive their wages with any withdrawals and fees shown as deductions. These are automatically collected from you through Direct Debit, which means your cashflow is never impacted.

  • 40%

    of employees are taking on more shifts

  • 55%

    of employees class EarlyPay as their most important employee benefit

  • 49%

    of employees are staying with their existing employer over moving to one without on-demand pay

How it works


Your employee withdraws £100 

Money sent to employee

Access EarlyPay sends £100 to the employee’s bank 

Logged with payroll

A £100+ fee is logged into your payroll system

Reconciled with payroll

At pay reconciliation, the £100 fee is shown as a deduction

Collected by Direct Debit

Your employee receives their net pay, payroll is processed by the employer, and Access EarlyPay receives £100+ fee by schedule Direct Debit 

EarlyPay! AMAZING! This app has been a massive help. Firstly it’s dead easy to use. Select the amount of your monthly earnings you want to draw down and boom its in your account in seconds. Where it helps me is in that last week before pay day, especially an expensive month such as December. I can pull some money forward to prevent an overdraft charge. Sorry Banks! Brilliant early access to money I have earn’t. Thoroughly recommend.

Easy Poppa – App Store Review *****

See how EarlyPay works for your sector

Access EarlyPay in Action

Assist Care Group

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Discover how Tim Wilson, Managing Director of Assist Care Group has boosted productivity while cutting recruitment and staff turnover with Access EarlyPay.

“I’ve seen that we’re increasing hours, yet it feels like we’re decreasing recruitment. It’s the prevention of resignations, the reduction of churn that’s the strongest element for me.”

Tim Wilson, Managing Director, Assist Care Group

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Give your employees the flexibility to control their wages and free up your finance team to do more with Access EarlyPay.