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Optional Services and Solution Upgrade Costs

DD Solution Upgrades (prices exclude VAT)


Convert from Eazy Collect SUN/FM SUN to Client Own SUN (Consultancy, registration of  Eazy Collect as Indirect Submitter, conversion to AUDDIS & Paperless SUN (if applicable) & submission of BACS test files with your sponsoring bank/BACS prior to LIVE activation)


Change of Company Name (New Trading Agreement must be completed)


Amend existing FM SUN Name


Upgrade from Eazy Collect SUN to FM SUN (Application fee for branded Facilities Management SUN – Eazy Collect Re: Company Name:  Minimum volume of 100 monthly DD transactions applies – allow 4 weeks)


Client Website - Online DD Setup (Consultancy fee, templates and developer documentation to work with client web team to add online DD setup to company website.  Final approval required)


Branded EazyDD Weblink (Secure online DD setup web portal hosted by Eazy Collect, branded and up to 10 package prices available)

£295 Setup & £14.99 monthly hosting & maint fee. Amendment Fee: £100/hr

API Module (Two-way seamless data exchange with MI and BACS Exception reporting.  Only applicable for FM SUNS or Client Own SUN.  Includes full documentation, integration consultancy & testing)

£995 Setup

Upgrade to extra DD collection days/dates (added to monthly charge)

 £15.00 per date
Daily or bespoke: Quote

Upgrade to extra Disbursal days/dates (added to monthly charge)

£15.00 per date

Daily or bespoke: Quote

Upgrade to re-present (No. of DD collection dates X £15)

£15.00 per date

Upgrade to Early Disbursal – default is 10 business days after DD collection date/day & quickest allowable disbursal is 6 business days (added to monthly charge). Minimum charge is £25 for single date and negotiable thereafter.

£25 Minimum

Negotiable Manager referral

Advance Notice or Change of SUN letters – Mail fulfilment inc postage


Optional Services (prices exclude vat)


NCR Duplicate Carbonless DD Forms (printed in Pads of 50)

B/W: £40   Colour: £60

Data Transition (A one-time charge to migrate your existing customers over to AUDDIS (Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service) and amend digital files into correct AUDDIS/Paperless format (i.e. must be clean quality file from Excel, csv etc)


Payment Administration Cost (Enabling of ECM3 communication module to send letters to payers with unpaid DD’s on behalf of client to resolve issues & payments)

£4.00 per letter

Data Input (Eazy Collect Admin team will input new customer data and setup DD or payment schedule into Eazy Customer Manager portal)

50p per Data Record

IT & Development charges for client work (i.e bulk change of DD monthly amounts). IT Quote required to estimate time and cost.

£100 per hour

Letterhead Printing (Single Colour / One Sided)

1000: £140  /  2000: £180

Letterhead Printing (Single Colour / Two Sided)

1000: £180  /  2000: £220

Letterhead Printing (Two colours / One sided)

1000: £220  /  2000: £260

Letterhead Printing (Two colours / Two sided)

1000: £260  /  2000: £300

Mail Fulfilment/Bespoke Letter (Single A4 sheet or two A4 sheets, B/W duplex printing, insertion, seal, post)

£1.25 Single sheet, £1.50 Two sheets

Refund Charges requested by client

£20.00 (Standard 3 day), £50.00 (Faster Payment)

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