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Late Payments

ARUDD stands for Automated Return of Unpaid Direct Debit and gives details on why any Direct Debits are returned unpaid.

Unpaid Direct Debit Reason Code 1 (or a’F21′), means ‘Instruction Cancelled’.

What does this actually mean?

The Direct Debit Instruction (DDI) has been cancelled by the payer or bank.

What should I do?

As the Instruction is cancelled, you will need to speak to your payer to agree the payment method and if appropriate obtain another DDI.

I get a lot of ‘Instruction Cancelled’ codes compared to others.

We’ve found that this is the most common unpaid code. Together with ‘Refer to Payer’, these two will probably make up 90-95% of your unpaid items received from Bacs.

Why is this in my ‘Unpaid’ report? I thought it should be in my ‘Cancellation’ report.

The reason for it appearing in the ‘Unpaid’ report is due to the point at which the Direct Debit was in during the processing cycle, when the instruction was cancelled. There is an F31 Cancellation Reason Code that appears in your Cancellation reports and which should be treated the same, however this would have been triggered at a different point to the F21 Unpaid Reason Code.

Can I reactivate?

Yes, but you’ll need to have a new Instruction from the payer.

Will I need to re-submit an Auddis file?

Yes. As the original Instruction is cancelled, a new Auddis must be submitted.

Can I keep the same Direct Debit reference number (URN)?

Yes. As long as this is unique to the Direct Debit, you don’t need to submit a different URN.

How do I find out more about Bacs unpaid codes?

Take a look at the Direct Debit Service User Guide and Rules for a full list and definitions.

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