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How Thurmaston Dental reduced expenses by 12% and boosted patient membership by 175% by transitioning to Access PaySuite

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In the highly competitive world of dental practices and private healthcare providers, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction are paramount. Thurmaston Dental Practice faced several challenges in managing payment processing, which prompted them to seek a solution that could streamline operations and enhance the overall patient experience.  

It was in this pursuit that Thurmaston Dental Practice turned to Access PaySuite. By offering a comprehensive and tailored Direct Debit platform, Access PaySuite's solution effectively addressed the practice's pain points and met their specific needs. 

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The challenge:  

Established in 1986, Thurmaston Dental Practice initially served the local community through NHS provisions. However, changes in government funding necessitated a shift towards offering private care to sustain viability. This transition also aligned with evolving patient demands influenced by factors such as social media and a desire for cosmetic dentistry.   

Prior to onboarding Access PaySuite's Direct Debit solution, the dental practice relied on third-party providers to manage their payments. This arrangement resulted in exorbitant fees and a lack of adequate communication with patients regarding their payments needs. Thurmaston Dental Practice recognised the need for a more efficient and cost-effective payment processing system that would improve patient satisfaction and reduce costs.  

The solution:

Recognising the need for a change, the practice decided to onboard Access PaySuite, driven by a desire for cost-effectiveness, improved functionality and more control over their recurring payments.  

The seamless integration of Access PaySuite empowered the practice to regain control over its payment processes for patient memberships, while unlocking new avenues for improved patient communication. 

This transition marked a pivotal moment in the practice's journey toward operational excellence and enhanced patient care.

Upon implementation, the practice witnessed tangible improvements across various facets of their operations. The transition to Access PaySuite streamlined payment processes, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in financial transactions. With centralised services and an intuitive interface, accessing payment histories and managing contracts and memberships have become seamless tasks for the practice staff. 

By taking our Direct Debit processing in-house, as opposed to relying on a third-party agency, we have a lot more control now.

Dr Zahir Kaderbhai, Director at Thurmaston Dental Practice

The impact:

Access PaySuite provided a comprehensive and streamlined solution for accepting Direct Debit payments, contract management, and communication with patients. The robust platform not only enhanced efficiency and accuracy in financial transactions, but has allowed the practice to boost patient membership numbers by 175% since implementation.

“Our journey from 400 to 800 patient memberships took us about five years. However, after implementing Access PaySuite, we experienced a remarkable growth. In just two years, we skyrocketed from 800 to approximately 2200 membership plans, which is a massive increase.  

Access PaySuite played a vital role in this significant growth, allowing us to expand and thrive. Not only did it help reduce our costs, but it also enabled us to offer more affordable prices, benefiting both our patients and our business. With a 12% reduction in expenses per patient, we can now charge lower fees and attract more customers. Access PaySuite has truly transformed our membership sign-ups and propelled our success."

- Dr Zahir Kaderbhai, Director of Thurmaston Dental Practice 

By consolidating payment processes and centralising services, Access PaySuite ensured a unified approach for the practice, with staff benefitting from the platform's intuitive interface, which enabled easy access to payment histories and simplified membership management. 

Looking ahead:

Acknowledging the potential advantages of consolidating services under a single provider, the practice plans to explore the additional functionalities and payment solutions offered by Access PaySuite. This will further streamline their operations and elevate customer experiences.  

Reflecting on their experience, the practice enthusiastically endorses Access PaySuite to businesses seeking to optimise payment processes and enhance operational efficiency.  

Choosing Access PaySuite over competitors was driven by the superior functionality offered, and clear potential for growth. Compared to other providers, Access PaySuite stood out as a more refined and complete solution. The decision has proven beneficial, allowing us to enhance our service to patients while also achieving cost savings that can be allocated to other areas of our business. Access PaySuite has played a significant role in improving patient satisfaction and I’d recommend it to any type of business looking to grow its membership base or those that rely on regular, recurring income.

Dr Zahir Kaderbhai, Director at Thurmaston Dental Practice