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How Access PaySuite helped to enhance fraud prevention and revenue optimisation

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Go-Ahead, a leading transportation company with extensive experience in the bus and rail industry, faced the challenge of combating fraudulent activity that was impacting their revenue and efficiency. To address this issue, they turned to Access PaySuite’s comprehensive Fraud and Risk Management tool.  

This case study explores how Go-Ahead successfully integrated Access PaySuite’s Fraud and Risk Management tool into their operations and achieved significant reductions in fraud and chargebacks. 

The challenge:  

Go-Ahead was grappling with fraudulent transactions that were not only consuming valuable time and resources but also causing a decline in conversion rates, ultimately affecting their revenues. Moreover, their previous fraud prevention tool lacked the necessary flexibility, requiring third-party involvement for rule changes, leading to delays and inefficiencies. 

The solution:  

Access PaySuite’s award-winning fraud management tool has revolutionised Go-Ahead's fight against fraud. With its powerful features, intuitive interface, and real-time rules engine, this tool has empowered Go-Ahead to proactively combat fraudulent activities and make informed decisions, ultimately leading to tangible business success. 

Go-Ahead has gained access to a robust solution that effectively tackles fraud head-on. The tool's real-time rules engine allowed for the customization of payment acceptance rules, ensuring that specific scenarios were taken into account and potential fraudulent transactions were identified and prevented. 

Moreover, the extensive data sources and unique data points offered by the software have played a vital role in early detection of suspicious behavior. This enabled Go-Ahead to gather global intelligence, analyze social media activity, implement Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols, and enhance identity verification processes. By leveraging these capabilities, Go-Ahead was able to stay one step ahead of fraudsters and protect its business and customers from financial harm. 

Integration and implementation:  

Go-Ahead seamlessly deployed the fraud and risk management software by making minimal API coding changes. The intuitive and user-friendly interface facilitated the creation and activation of payment acceptance rules tailored to Go-Ahead's risk appetite.  

Access PaySuite’s live test mode allowed Go-Ahead to run analytics on their transactions without impacting authorisation, providing greater control and confidence in their rule parameters. 

Significant reduction of fraud and charge backs:

A substantial decrease in chargeback levels has resulted in cost savings for Go-Ahead. Since going live with Access PaySuite’s fraud and risk management software solution, chargeback levels reduced by an average of £3,000-£4,000 per month. Go-Ahead also experienced an increase in declined fraud of almost £4 million year on year compared to previous figures. 

 Impressive results:  

Within just one month of using the fraud and risk management tool, Go-Ahead witnessed a 54% increase in stopped fraudulent activity. The reduction in chargebacks was immediate, and the consistent decline in fraud continued every month. Go-Ahead managed to prevent an additional £190,000 in fraudulent transactions for Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) and an increase of over £75,000 for Southeastern in just four weeks. 

Empowering proactivity and revenue generation 

Access PaySuite’s fraud and risk management solutions have empowered Go-Ahead to make informed decisions and be more proactive in managing fraud prevention rules. The ability to trial rules before implementation on live data and tailor them according to risk appetite improved decision-making. This resulted in reduced chargebacks, increased revenue, and better business outcomes for Go-Ahead. 

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