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Transitioning to Access Paysuite: Streamlining payment systems and reducing costs for Babergh and Mid-Suffolk district councils

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Babergh & Mid-Suffolk District Councils made a strategic decision to transition from their previous payments provider to Access PaySuite in June 2021. The goal was clear: to streamline their payment systems and reduce costs.  

The councils had been using a different payment system for several years, but the rising costs associated with it became a burden. Seeking a more cost-effective solution, they discovered Access PaySuite, a provider that not only offered attractive features but also a competitive pricing structure. 

Key drivers for switching: 

  • Cost management: The primary reason for switching was the rising costs of their existing payment service provider. This was mainly due to the additional fees for regular upgrades that the company had to pay. These fees often amounted to a significant sum per upgrade. 
  • Enhanced features: Access PaySuite offered features that were not available with their previous provider, such as recurring card payments and a smart mobile solution. These features proved to be particularly useful for the council's operations in a largely rural area.  
  • Ease of use: Access PaySuite’s system was easier to deploy and required less manual intervention once set up, making it more efficient for the council's needs.  

Effective cost management is crucial for local authorities, and regular rising costs can have a profound impact on overall financial well-being. For our council, the decision to switch payment service providers was primarily driven by the escalating costs imposed by our existing provider. We were faced with additional fees for regular upgrades, which had become increasingly challenging. These fees amounted to a significant sum per upgrade, putting a strain on our financial resources. We made the strategic decision to explore alternative payment service providers and seek more cost-efficient solutions. Our objective was to find providers who could offer us the same level of service without compromising its quality – and Access PaySuite did just this.”

Kevin Peck Applications Lead – Babergh & Mid-Suffolk District Councils

Implementation process: 

The council's transition to Access PaySuite involved a series of carefully considered steps. Initially, the council conducted a thorough evaluation of multiple options and providers.  

After comparing various factors, including cost benefits and the range of features offered by other providers, they decided that Access PaySuite was the best fit for their needs. One of the key features that influenced their decision was the Smart Mobile feature, which more readily enabled payment processing in the field. This feature was particularly valuable for overcoming the challenges of reaching customers in rural areas, as it enabled staff to accept card payments from any location. 

The final phase involved extensive training, customization and integration with related management applications. The council worked closely with Access PaySuite’s in-house team to gain comprehensive access to the system’s backend.  

Through this training, they acquired the skills to develop their own stored procedures and create multiple export formats. This level of customisation and flexibility was a significant improvement over their previous provider, allowing the council to tailor the system to their specific needs. 

Benefits and outcomes:  

  • Cost savings: The council has significantly reduced their payment system costs, with the inclusive annual fees of Access PaySuite eliminating the unexpected upgrade charges experienced with their previous provider. 
  • Operational efficiency: The Smart Mobile feature has streamlined payment processes in rural areas, reducing the need for manual intervention and enabling easier management of hard-to-reach customers. 
  • Improved customer support: Access PaySuite’s system allows for real-time monitoring and mediation of transactions, enhancing the council’s ability to support customers effectively. 
  • Flexibility and control: The council now has full control over their interfacing needs, able to develop and manage exports and procedures internally, which was not possible with their previous provider. 

By switching to Access PaySuite as our payments services provider, we have made significant savings in terms of annual costs.

Kevin Peck Applications Lead – Babergh & Mid-Suffolk District Councils

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