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Transforming payment efficiency and security: Access Paysuite's 24-hour solution for York College

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"TouchtonePayments have been a saviour in the current COVID climate-providing students a safe and secure payment method. This has recently been extended to encourage our students to pay regular instalments using the Touchtone system, rather than direct debit payments, once again providing a staff and monetary saving."

Louise Jones, Director of Information and Data Services at York College

The Challenge: 

York College faced several key challenges that prompted them to seek a transformative solution for their payment processes.  

One of the primary issues they encountered was a lack of timeliness in enrolment payments. This not only caused delays in the administrative procedures but also created a sense of frustration among the students. Additionally, the college identified a need to optimise staff resources within their Admissions and Finance teams. The manual processing of payments was time-consuming and required significant manpower, which could have been allocated to other essential tasks.  

Lastly, the college aimed to enhance overall student satisfaction by providing a more seamless and user-friendly payment experience. 


The Solution: 

Renowned for their expertise in payment solutions, Access PaySuite’s team introduced an innovative proposal to York College: the Touchtone telephone payment system. Recognising the success of their existing collaboration with Access PaySuite for online payments, York College was eager to explore the potential of extending this partnership to revolutionise their enrolment tuition payment processes. 

Having already witnessed the exceptional outcomes achieved through Access PaySuite, York College was motivated to leverage this success and further enhance their payment infrastructure. The existing enrolment tuition payment methods, conducted over the telephone or at the Finance desk, were deemed inadequate in terms of security and resource utilisation. These traditional approaches not only posed risks to sensitive student information but also burdened the college's staff, who were responsible for manually processing these payments. 

By embracing the Touchtone telephone payment system, York College aimed to address these shortcomings comprehensively. This cutting-edge solution would enable students to make payments securely and conveniently using their telephones or mobile devices, eliminating the need for college staff involvement. The system's robust security measures ensured full compliance with industry standards, including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This transformative shift not only safeguarded student data but also liberated precious staff resources, allowing them to focus on more strategic initiatives. 

Recognising the potential of the Touchtone system to streamline their enrolment tuition payment processes, York College eagerly embraced this proposal. By doing so, they demonstrated their commitment to providing a secure and efficient payment experience for their students while optimizing their internal operations. The decision to extend their collaboration with Access PaySuite was driven by the overwhelming success of their previous partnership, with the number of transactions exceeding all expectations. With the Touchtone telephone payment system, York College was poised to innovate their enrolment tuition payment processes, ensuring heightened security, improved efficiency, and enhanced overall satisfaction for their students and staff alike. 



The new Touchtone system provided a 24-hour payment system for use through students’ telephones/mobiles. This negated the need for any college staff involvement and ensured that the system was fully PCI compliant.  

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