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Enhancing compliance and streamlining manual processing efforts at York NHS Trust with Access PaySuite

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The Challenge: Non-Compliance and manual processing effort 

The York Trust became aware that their method of transacting with credit cards was not PCI compliant. This realisation prompted them to seek a new solution. Additionally, the existing manual processing of card transactions was prone to errors and time-consuming.  

The accounts receivable team had to manually enter files daily, leading to potential coding and transcription errors. The trust recognised the need to address these challenges and sought a more automated process to reduce errors and improve efficiency. 

Our aim was to ensure PCI compliance while enhancing efficiency in credit card transactions. Through meticulous planning and collaboration with our team, we successfully implemented the new system, surpassing our objectives.  This project underscores our dedication to excellence and our unwavering commitment to improving operations and security. As we continue to pursue innovative solutions, we remain steadfast in our mission to propel our organisation forward.

Mike Davidson, Project Manager at York Trust 

The Solution: Implementing Call Secure and automation 

To address the challenges, the York Trust implemented Access PaySuite’s Call Secure solution, which ensured PCI compliance and securely managed the payment process from customer interaction to transaction completion.  

The project also had a key focus on automating the end-of-day file processing, which entailed streamlining the process and specifying the interface file. Though it required the accounts receivable team to adapt to the new way of working, the implementation of Call Secure and automation yielded remarkable time savings. It is estimated that the transition from manual to automated processing would save between half an hour to an hour per day, ultimately totaling five hours per week. 


In summary, the implementation of a new way of taking credit card payments at the York Trust addressed the challenge of non-compliance and manual processing effort. By implementing Call Secure and automation, the trust achieved PCI compliance, reduced errors, and improved efficiency in credit card transactions. 

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