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You may know that ARUDD (Automated Return of Unpaid Direct Debit) reports provide information on why any Direct Debits are returned unpaid.

An unpaid Direct Debit Reason Code 6 (or ‘F26’) means ‘no instruction’.

What does this mean?

This means there was no Direct Debit Instruction held with your payer’s bank, to enable you to collect Direct Debits.

Why have I received it?

Make sure that the Direct Debit Instruction (DDI) was set up correctly. If your Service User Number is set up under AUDDIS (the means to transmit electronically to Bacs new Direct Debits) – check that this was submitted successfully to Bacs. If you still use paper setup, you may need to obtain a new Instruction from your payer to send to the bank.

The AUDDIS file wasn’t sent – what can I do now?

It’s no problem. If the Instruction is still valid, submit the AUDDIS for this, as well as other payers not submitted, so you will be able to collect the Direct Debit payment. But make sure you leave enough days from submitting your AUDDIS to the collection.

The AUDDIS file was sent but I still got this unpaid code?

We do see this code reported when there is proof an AUDDIS file was sent and received at Bacs. You can either re-send an AUDDIS or try the collection again.

How does Rapidata handle ‘No Instructions’?

We usually submit AUDDIS files three times per week, but this may be more or less depending on what you need. We check all ‘No Instructions’ reported back, so that these can be corrected and payments made. We automatically resend AUDDIS files that have a Reason Code 6 or F26, unless you have opted out of this process.

I have a high number of Direct Debit unpaid items ‘No Instructions’.

This sounds like something isn’t quite right and will need investigating. Perhaps an AUDDIS file has not been submitted to Bacs correctly or an administrative coding error on the ARUDD Bacs report.

How do I find out more about Bacs unpaid codes?

We recommend reviewing the Direct Debit Service User Guide and Rules for a full list and definitions.

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