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Access PaySuite’s Direct Debit Solution helped to expand and grow PayPoint’s payment offering

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"Partnering with Access PaySuite for our Direct Debit collections has had a major impact on our business. Their back office service is really impressive, with customised reports that give our whole team the insights we need. Everyone has password protected access at the right level for their role. A great deal of development and attention to detail has gone into Access PaySuite’s back office and our management staff find it very user friendly"

PayPoint wanted to offer a MultiPay product for their clients wh o manage a large number of transactions every day. To deliver it, they needed a flexible platform where their client’s customers could make payments choosing from multiple payment options.

Given its popularity with UK consumers, Direct Debit was an important payment choice that was missing, but they faced several initial challenges: where would they start? How would they build out this system and guarantee it was secure? How lon g would the development for this platform take?

PayPoint soon realised the fastest and most cost productive route would be to find an expert third party to support the integration of Direct Debits into their MultiPay service. By sourcing a white-label product, PayPoint would be able to finalise their strategic aims of providing a flexible range of payment options to support their clients payment collection requirements.

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