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Providing a seamless customer experience with Access PaySuite’s Embedded Payments Solution

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"Being able to easily add our suppliers to our secure payment platform – as well as suppliers now benefiting from being able to simply ‘click’ to 3D Secure PayLinks to customers – ensures a much simpler way to offer our end customers a secure payment when placing orders. We’ve seen an increase in conversions via the site and hope to see a significant new revenue stream from our supplier’s global sales."

Nick Elia Managing Director, 1st Choice Spares UK Ltd

1st Choice is an online platform that lets drivers search spare part availability and pricing across more than 150 independent retailers. The website collates stock and pricing information from retailers and shares this with customers by text or email. Customers can compare quotes to find the best price for spare parts, then order and pay their chosen supplier directly. 

The challenge: Overcoming expensive and unsecure payment methods

1st Choice’s platform does a great job of making it easier for drivers to find the right spare part for their vehicle. However, when it came to paying for parts, things were more complicated. Each supplier set their own payment method, with some payments being made via PayPal, and others over the telephone. 

None of these methods provided a safe, seamless customer experience and payment processing services often charge high fees to suppliers. Taking payment details over the phone carries a higher risk of fraud, since there is no PIN or 3D Secure verification to confirm the transaction is genuine. 

The solution: Providing a secure payment platform 

1st Choice approached us, looking for a seamless, secure payment solution for their customers to pay for spare car parts. In addition to being secure, the platform needed to be easy to use and have the capability to integrate with the existing account details for merchants.  

We were able to provide a fully integrated payment service that uses our embedded payments solution to provide merchants and customers with a secure link for payments. 

How does the secure payment platform work?  

Now, when a driver requests a spare part through 1st Choice, the website collates quotes from various merchants and sends these to the customer. If the customer orders a part, they can ask to be sent a SecureLink by email or text. This link takes the customer to a secure payment page, where they can enter card details. The customer usually receives the part within seven days. 

Behind the scenes, Access PaySuite processes the payment and credits it to the supplier’s account with details of the part ordered, so the merchant can process and dispatch the order. Retailers who use our integrated payments solution pay around half the fees associated with other online payment providers, while customers have the peace of mind of making a payment through a trusted website using fully secure technology.  

Simplify your payment processes with Access PaySuite’s Embedded Payments Solution

By integrating with Access PaySuite’s Embedded Payments for Platforms solution, you’ll be able to offer your customers a multi-channel payment platform, where they can start taking payments in minutes. Find out more about how to simplify the payment process for both your business and customers.