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Improving student payment experience at Middlesex University with Access PaySuite

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Middlesex University, a progressive London institution that prioritises student satisfaction, faced the challenge of streamlining their student payment process while ensuring convenience, security, and user-friendliness.  

With over 40,000 students to serve, the manual processing of payments through their finance office was proving to be time-consuming and resource-intensive. In response, Middlesex University sought a solution that would automate student payments, free up resources, and enhance the overall student experience. 


The Challenge 

Prior to implementing Access PaySuite’s payment solutions, Middlesex University relied on their finance office to manually process each payment, resulting in a significant drain on resources. It took up to three minutes to process each payment, and this was not sustainable given the high volume of transactions. Middlesex University recognized the need for a more efficient, secure, and user-friendly system to handle student payments. 


The Solution 

Middlesex University turned to Access PaySuite’s over the phone payment solution, which provided their customers with a highly secure, convenient, and fast self-service payment option. By simply using their telephone keypad, students could make 24x7 payments, eliminating the need for manual processing.  

Additionally, Middlesex University implemented other payment modules from Access PaySuite to further enhance the payment experience. The combination of these solutions yielded immediate improvements. 

"The benefit of not having to take telephone payments manually is that we have the capacity to deal with more inquiries overall, and this has improved our students' experience here at Middlesex University." 


The Results 

Implementing Access PaySuite’s payment solutions enabled Middlesex University to save both time and money through centralised and efficient management of payments and reporting. Students were provided with a range of convenient and secure payment channels, allowing staff to focus on addressing more complex issues and improving the overall student experience. 

By using Access PaySuite’s Touch Tone solution, Middlesex University reduced the risk associated with insecure payment methods, such as telephone or face-to-face payments. Within the first 10 months of implementation, over 800 payments totaling £1.6 million were processed successfully.  

The finance team was able to monitor and report on all transactions, as well as process refunds seamlessly through Access PaySuite’s Virtual Terminal (known as 

Access PaySuite’s payment solutions successfully addressed Middlesex University's challenge of improving the student payment experience. By automating the payment process, Middlesex University saved time and resources, while providing students with convenient and secure payment options. The implementation of the Touch Tone solution not only enhanced efficiency but also elevated the overall student experience at Middlesex University. 

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