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How Access PaySuite supported Oxfordshire County Council's digital payment transformation

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Oxfordshire County Council is making significant strides towards providing services that are "digital by default" by partnering with Access PaySuite to enable citizens to make payments through various channels and revolutionising the way council services are accessed and utilised. 

Thanks to Access PaySuite, citizens now have the convenience of paying for a wide range of council services, including parking and registrars, using credit and debit cards. Whether it's over the phone, face-to-face, or online, individuals can easily complete transactions.  

Moreover, these payments are seamlessly updated in real-time within the Council's income management system. This capability allows staff to effortlessly track recent payments and promptly process refunds when necessary. 

The Oxfordshire County Council's commitment to digital transformation is exemplified by their selection of Access PaySuite as their trusted payment service provider. Together, they are revolutionising the way citizens interact with and benefit from council services, shaping a future that is truly "digital by default." 

“One of the key strengths of Access PaySuite was their capability around integration, ensuring that our front-end systems can easily and seamlessly access the card payment process, to support a quick and smooth customer experience.” 

For ease of use, citizens also have the option to securely store their card details in encrypted form, so that future payments can be made more rapidly and where required. Also, a schedule of recurring payments can be set up and automatically processed at agreed intervals. 

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Access PaySuite’s suite of Call Secure solutions is used by our call centre staff so that when customers phone in to pay, at card entry stage the customer is passed to an automated system. The citizen then types in their card details using the telephone keypad. This means that the call centre staff neither sees nor hears the actual card details.” 

Despite bids from multiple suppliers, Access PaySuite emerged as the frontrunner, scoring the highest in terms of both quality and price.   

I was particularly impressed by Access PaySuite’s track record in ensuring that their portfolio is consistently first-to-market with card security measures and that they can point to a service that has been certified in line with PCI DSS since 2007.  

Access PaySuite also has an impressive product roadmap with continual improvement and extension to their product set bringing us the added advantage of both software provision and card acceptance and authorisation through a single supplier.

Ian Dyson, Assistant Chief Finance Officer (Assurance) at Oxfordshire County Council

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